Wild Berry Farm

About Flowers

A girl can never have too many flowers! It’s all about abundance, digging in the dirt, nurturing the growth of a plant into a magnificent bloom, creating an arrangement that brings joy, and having it be your business to boot. Fun! Yes, it can be demanding, even challenging, and I have always said, “I don’t get paid to weed.” But plain and simple: I love flowers and therefore I garden. It is my passion and my work. Twenty-six years and I’m still at it, enjoying it to this day.

The short list of flowers we grow.

  • Hydrangea
  • antique roses
  • baby’s breath
  • lily
  • dahlia
  • sunflowers
  • bachelor buttons,
  • delphinium
  • stock
  • black eyed Susan
  • pincushion
  • yarrow
  • globeflower
  • lavender
  • love in the mist
  • bells of Ireland
  • zinnia