Wild Berry Farm

“After 45 years of island living we are proud to be leaders in agriculture, members of Island Grown and grateful to call the island home.”

About Pat and Susie

It is a gift to be able to create a way of life that reflects our passion. Aesthetics have always been important to us. Susie loves the creative process, which unfolds in the planting and arranging a multitude of blossoms, designing living spaces, cooking beautiful food, connecting people and welcoming them to the farm. Pat loves figuring out the details and the actual building and realizing of the vision. Together we have diligently created our family farm: a confluence of beauty inspired by places we have traveled and experiences we have chosen to replicate at home. It is a team effort between husband and wife, combining creativity and know-how with good hard work.

Our tag line, Where Abundance Grows Wild, reminds us to stay present with possibility as we implement our vision in what seems like an endless process. In a nutshell, Wild Berry Farm is our labor of love. It is where we have raised our two girls, generated a thriving business, and shared our lives with family and friends.

Welcome to Wild Berry Farm!