Wild Berry Farm

About Cooking

As so often happens for Susie, she began cooking and one thing led to another. After getting her start in the dining room at Roche Harbor Resort, Susie became the chef on a gorgeous yacht cruising through the Salish Sea in the Pacific Northwest. This job led her to Malibu, where she lived with and cooked for a famous movie star and her family. She has continued to work along-side other inspiring chefs, cooked for Spring Street International School, cooks privately for an island family, produces many dinners large and small and of course cooks daily for her own family. Susie finds inspiration in whatever is at hand, whether it is seasonally available produce from her garden or other island producers, a recent travel experience, or her well-stocked pantry. In Susie’s kitchen, innovation, challenge, and good company make the best meals. At Wild Berry Farm, Susie and Pat are in the process of building a licensed kitchen right next to the vegetable garden where they will develop farm products and conduct on-site, farm-to-table dinners as well as catering for select occasions.